Friday, December 31, 2010

Homeschool Co-op Time!

When God closes one door, he opens another for you.

Last week I was very disappointed to hear that our Butler Homeschoolers would not be having a spring co-op. They will however continue with field trips together. With the kids in public school in the fall, we missed the fall co-op that they had together. With no teachers stepping up they cancelled the spring plans.

Well that means I decided that while I like "on the next city block" more than I like driving 25 mins. we signed up with our church co-op for homeschoolers instead.

I got my email today about what classes they were having and I am so excited for my kids :) Tristan will be in the K-2 class who will be doing kindermusic, sign language and art. And Alyssa will be in 3-6 who will be doing choir, art appreciation(home ec) and then our decision of sign language or a unit study on a Little House on the Prairie book. I myself would love if she wanted to do the Little House unit study but she heard me read the email where it said or sign language and it was her choice... so of course she wants that. And I kinda agree since she has enough of a load at home. I am so excited for this extra stuff and friends.

This will be good for me also. When I go to church the only people I talk to are the poor nursery workers who call me every time Wyatt is crying - the parents who give me "I am sorry" looks because I never get that kid to stay and when I taught his class, the parents of the other kids in the class.

My mom said she would take Wyatt for me during co-op so I can actually be involved and get to know the girls from our church who homeschool. This is very exciting to me :) So double blessing!

And more friends for the kids. I am happy that the Butler Homeschool kids will still be together for field trips though so we will still have our friends there too!


  1. Awesome, Linda! And if Alyssa learn Sign Language too, both kids can practice together! And wonderful that your Mom is going to watch Wyatt for you so that you can participate in co-op and meet some new Moms!


  2. so glad you can be part of the church co-op! It sounds like a great selection of classes. How often does it meet? Hope you all have lots of fun and make some good friendships!

    My youngest two will start once weekly co-op at the end of the month - Landon will get Science, Art Appreciation, and Cooking (if I remember right!) and Kennady will get Art/Geography, Cooking, and something else that I cannot remember at all, probably Science. I am teaching the Art/Geography class and need to get cracking on my lesson plans!