Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kitchen disasters.

Wow... from catching a cast iron skillet on fire in my kitchen, to breaking glass pyrex like a BOMB BLAST, I guess what you call what I do in the kitchen... exciting. lol

Today I tried the bean and cornbread recipe from the pioneer women website. Well I heated my pyrex up nice like she said with shortening in it. She says hearing the sizzle when you pour your batter is like music to your ears. I will never know. When I set the dish on the stove - BOOM It exploded glass everywhere! Thank GOD no one was in the kitchen with me. Guess I heated it up too hot. Opps. Learning experience.

So now my cornbread is back  to cooking in the oven but will not have a golden brown outer edge. Scratch that step. lol We can enjoy it softer.

I am so sad in the kitchen. Thanks to my online friends I have learn basic recipes and know them well but leaving me alone with new things unguided is dangerous! lol

Hopefully my meal will turn out and be something the family enjoys because in the process I lost my favorite dish. Sigh... still laughing at myself as I clean up glass. URGH I hate GLASS breaks.


  1. LOL I've had my share of disasters too. Glad no one got hurt in this one!

  2. Glad no one was hurt, Linda!! Is it ok if I snickered a little? :) Kitchen disasters do happen though, it's just a part of the whole cooking thing. Lately I've had meals turn out so bad that I wouldn't even eat them (a small ham that I recently tried cooking - not very good and I was sad that it was such a waste of money). You WILL get better! :)

  3. My mom and I both just saw a news story about Pyrex & some other makers of dishes like that and how some of their newer dishes (don't remember HOW new...last several years maybe?) have been exploding like you said when heated. So that might not have been your fault but the glassware's fault!

  4. Wow! Scary stuff! I'm glad everyone was OK. Now I want cornbread! LOL