Sunday, May 17, 2015

Girlfriends, Gallbladders and Going back to school for everyone...

Okie dokie, figured since I was updating pictures on here - I would throw out a new post. Cuz I know you are all waiting on pins and needles to hear from me. Ha ha ha. Right... but I am waiting for cookies to bake so seemed like something to waste time doing.

Anyways... Had an amazing get away with my girlies last month. First time EVER went away just for a weekend to myself. All friends, no kids, no husbands, no drama.... except my gallbladder did not get the memo!

Beautiful ride down to Tennessee. Of course with all trips - which are lacking anything reality - you end up wishing you could move there forever and ever. Oh it would be amazing! We went to Pigeon Forge. I HIGHLY recommend that to anyone. A cabin for the weekend is like next to nothing! And the experience was so awesome.

Here half of us are:
 And here is Mountain Sunrise the cabin we rented:
7 of us girlies went down and it was amazing... until... 4 am when I was stuck in the bathroom for hours... once I got some immodium AD in the morning I felt ok again and ready to tackle all the tastes of the trip... pile in all the grease goodies and pleasures of TN and my stomach felt ON FIRE. Like I was going to die! Of course I stayed strong. First trip in MY LIFE for pure pleasure of my own... Keep strong Linda. Have another yummy goodness... BAM... I was done. fetal position on my bed. Tears streaming and feeling like my stomach was about to EXPLODE in my body. Like just drop out and burst. ... 5 am immodium wore off. Ill spare you more details. But RELIEF. Thank you Jesus! And all my nursing friends who were on this trip sent me right to a doctor when I got back.

Now I have this silly thing called SURGERY: scheduled June 6th. And not "Ross Surgery" either. The real deal - suck out my organ through tiny holes surgery. Booooooooo. I am so sad. Guess my Hida scan said my gallbladder only wants to work tops 12%. Go figure.

Anyways - gotta get that fun outta the way.

Meanwhile life moves on. I am coaching my sons soccer team. Someone tell me how with all the parents and men too - A single mom who knows nothing about soccer except I drop off my kids and let someone else coach them for an hour of my life - was the only one willing to step up and coach these 9/10 year olds? I feel like a loser of a coach but at least I am offering them the chance to play.

Then one afternoon my son Tristan comes up to me and says - "Mom, you were my teacher, my lunchlady, now my soccer coach - thank you!" And Right there. That is why I do this. He was sooooo awesome to say that to me. Now I want to run out and volunteer for it all!!! I can do it! ...  but no... lol This mama knows her limits. Never listen to them but I do know there are some. So for now - VBS sign ups, Summer Sunday School helper, Sign me up for stay away camp with Wyatt so he can go to summer camp mom and me style. Okie dokie.

I have a full plate going on. Just when one thing ends another starts. Our year of homeschool has ended. We finished up and are awaiting evaluations. Everyone is signed up to go back to school next year. God willing. My College schedule is a FULL TIME one. Eeks. What am I thinking? Oh yes, that I need to knock this out and finish. Both Boys are going back to Penn Christian Academy. They are over the moon excited to get back to their friends. I am excited for them. Wish they could have been there this year but hey - who knows why God had things be the way they were. Anyways. PLEASE keep praying - Alyssa applied to a Charter School that we are waiting on pins and needles to see if she got in. It is one we very much want her to attend. The letters get sent out end of May so soon we should know where she is going next year. I hope very much Gods plans for her include Lincoln Park. So all prayers appreciated. We will have a full fall ahead of us. Going from lazy homeschoolers to full time super school peeps, I am excited but apprehensive. Homeschooling life is soooo lazy and perfect. oh well. Time to go back into the land of the living and alarm clocks.

But first - summer! All the kidlets are planning to attend weeks away at Seneca Hills. First time for us there and very excited. We also have two vbs's lined up. My parents church and my own at Community Alliance. Gonna be a busy summer. Time to get started playing while we can!


  1. Well hello stranger! I was shocked to see your update pop up in my feed! Sounds like you're living a very busy life. :) A kudos to you for coaching soccer. I would be the same way. Despite the fact that Ian has played soccer since he was four, my knowledge of the technical parts of the game is pretty lacking!

  2. Hi Amber :-) my kids monopolize my computers so the blog never gets updated. I don't wanna do it from my phone. With two obsessed minecraft kids who play together over the wifi - it's a lost cause. But that's ok because I have this amazing porch swing and a pile of books and all is good! alyssa says I don't really live in my house - just on the porch. Well duh! That's why I chose this house! Lol