Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Just needed to host some pictures for a min. ha ha ha

 Ok so here's the reason for a post today. I needed some pics online so I could link to them! And since I deactivated my facebook account (In April and never been happier) this is where I am placing them. So new blog post here I come.

While I am on I might as well update in case anyone stumbles across and sees a post. Update: We are homeschooling again this year. Happy to be back. Already got together with an amazing group of friends who will be joining us for field trips this year. I have decided my life is too busy for a co-op but friends to do trips with is what we need at this time. And thanking Jesus for bringing them to us! We had a back to school picnic this week and my kids had a GREAT TIME! I hope they said the same once we left.... eeks. Anyways. Here are a few pics from a week or so ago at McConnels Mill. Alyssa got Glasses as you can see. And then I added on at the bottom of our Dr. Who Night at the Theater that was last year. Just because - I wanted it on here. So thats that. Be back soon!


  1. Oh my - your kiddos are growing up! o.O Miss "seeing" you around.

    1. I miss wx...feel like I "see" you cuz you are one of my top Pinterest people. I see most of your stuff. Stay active on there!! Lol

  2. Every once in a while I check to see if you have updated your blog, so this was a nice surprise! The kids are beautiful and so is their mama! Hope you have a great year again homeschooling.