Thursday, August 2, 2012


Well my first semester of college is over. I am on a 2 week break before fall starts. I am using this break to get all my homeschool stuff prepped and ready for school. I will be doing 3 Sonlight Cores and taking 2 college classes this fall. Can you say SCHOOL OVERLOAD!?!?! But I have faith God will get me through. I am considering only one class in the Spring and then 2 again in the summer for me. That way I can devote more to homeschool. I know College is very important but my kids education takes the top spot for me. I love those little munchkins. Gonna do some more praying and see how 2 classes go this fall. But should it overload me I have the choice to trim back my own school. And will not hesitate or feel bad for doing so.

But I did well. I am waiting on my grade from one classes finals. But the other class I finished with a 98 percent in it. I was very pleased. I had a 99 percent in my other but the final could kill that if I bombed it. I am not really sure how I did. We will see hopefully soon.

So like I said - I am using these few weeks off to gear up for next year. I will have a preschooler again. So excited! Tonight Wyatt climbed on my lap and did 10 pages in a work book I was going to use for school... well on one hand he did awesome and great... on the other... guess I need to get another book. ha ha. I love seeing all the old prek memories as I have used sonilghts prek for Alyssa and Tristan and now get to use it again for Wyatt.
Tristan will be doing Core 1 this year. Books like Childrens History of the World (CHOW) and Missionary Stories with the Millers excite me to pull back out.
Alyssa will be doing Core D. This is all new for me this year. I installed Teaching Textbooks 4 (math) on the computer today and I see she already did 2 lessons and a bonus round! Now that is loving to learn! 

So how was our summer? So far awesome! I took the kids camping last weekend. It was the first time ever for me. Well I camped as a kid/teen but never with my kids except in my inlaws backyard but that is not camping. It was amazing! We are going to go again labor day weekend. So excited to have found something I love that I can do with them and friends.

We have been enjoying the pool a lot this summer. Very blessed to have a nice pool where I live. Very blessed.

Here are some pics to not let you miss out...


  1. Great to see you back with an update. Congratulations on your classes. It sounds like you have accomplished alot with good grades too!
    You and your family look amazing (I like the lighter hair for you)
    Enjoy your camping times together; great family togetherness.
    Keep up all your good and hard work!

  2. You're looking SO happy, Linda! Probably sounds funny, huh? But you look relaxed in your photos, having fun. Anyway, I'm sure all the school stuff is a little stressful, but everything works out as it should. And you've done WONDERFUL with your grades! Gosh! LOL

  3. You'll certainly be busy. It'll keep you out of trouble. And Jessy's right, the happiness just radiates from you. =o)