Friday, May 11, 2012

What's happening :) Dogs, Babies and Trails

What a week. Found out Mr. Wyatt's Fever was NOT from an ear infection  (MedExpress said it was but Dr. Trotta said nope) it was from where he punctured the back of his mouth at his dad's two weeks ago! It got INFECTED! Big sore all white. Antibiotic took the white away and now it is a gaping hole. GROSS. Poor little dude fevered all week and ate nothing! He was starving but flipped out anytime food touched it. It was pitiful! And hard on the rest of us. Miserable little dude.

Playing a new game on my phone. :) Dream Zoo. Lets you take pics of the animals and Wyatt had to take one on the doctors table. I know we are geeks. Then Tristan put a Rhino with us and laughed cause his "Butt" was in my face. OH THE JOYS OF LITTLE BOY HUMOR!

 Poor Mr. Wyatt was so wiped out this entire week. Up restless all night and then zonking out at the table!! Mid Peanutbutter and Jelly sandwich!
Went to the trails twice this week and going again tomorrow. I think my neighbor Adrian is going with me tomorrow. She has been asking to go and usually I go spur of the moment but I know being kidless this weekend that I will be there so I let her know.
The trail is BEAUTIFUL right now. Butterflies are crazy again. They fly right into you and you see a gazillion of them!

Time is ticking for my best friend Jenn... Monday is d-day. Her 4th little Bowser is going to join the world Monday. I can't convince her to break her A Name trend and go with Linda or Palma... They both END in A... The kid would be blessed to bear my names. :) But alas she thinks shes gotta stick with the theme. :::eyeroll::: Oh well  So Can't wait for that. Prayers for a great delivery on Monday!!

And with other new arrival news - My parents found their puppy! The right fit for them. A Cavapoo. It is a mix between a King Charles Cavalier and a Miniature Poodle. This is little Maggie.

 This dog is gonna be squished! It is attached to feet. It loves to just settle wherever you stop. If you move it will go on to someone else but it wants to settle right underfoot.
My kidlets don't know they got it yet. They are at their dads but Sunday we will be going to Grandma and Grandpas house for Mothers Day and boy will they be surprised! LOVE IT! Makes me want one... ALMOST. Then I think of all the work my 3 are and think - YAWN... nope. I am good. Night guys hope she sleeps for you! :)

I am sure I will feel that way on Monday too. A little yearning and missing so much.... (when Jenn has her baby) But I won't mind going home and going to sleep. ha ha ha. Night all!


  1. the trail looks like a nice place to go jogging!

    Sorry about your little guy! What a hard time for all of you! At least you know what was making him so sick. Wow!

    Your parent's puppy is so cute! :)

    I have been running pretty good this past week - did 3 days (mon. wed. fri.). do you have nike+? that's what I've been using. I love it! I just need more songs for the ipod now!

    take care!

    1. Do you manage your ipod from itunes on your computer? Did you know that you can upload every cd you own to your itunes? I love that! Upload them into itunes and you got more on your ipod :)

    2. Yes, I did learn this this evening. Eric told me he has to put itunes back on the big computer before I can do this though! lol It's his ipod, but he has an iphone now so I can use the ipod. I think tomorrow I'm going to just run 1 mile if I can.

      Did you know almost every time I write mile I write milk? LOL I'm so thankful for backspace and I don't know why I keep doing that!

  2. Oh, poor Wyatt!

    It looks like a great trail to WALK on! LOL No jogging here, but walking is just fine! LOL

    Cute puppy-poo!

    1. Lol I do a run the first half. It is a tiny tiny tiny (almost unnoticeable unless you take your mom who complains the entire time back) slow down slope. So it helps. I do 2.5 miles (I was at 3 but I am a little outta shape right now) run and then turn around and walk back.