Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ear Infection and Highlights

So yesterday the kidlets went with their dad to their cousins birthday party. Wyatt came home all cranky having fallen off a swing. He wanted to go to bed. Last night he was up all night with a fever that tylenol was not even touching. Poor little baby. We missed church this morning and I took him to the MedExpress. Came home with antibiotics for an Ear Infection. Poor Baby.

My friend Tamara came over and highlighted my hair for me. Didn't get enough though, need more in the back. So we will be doing it again but I like it.
Ready for Summer! The Pool can open any time now! I also finally got my AC turned on. I am not using it except if it is storming and I want the windows closed... but not having the option to use it at all was killing me! There was a valve that needed turned on and the new maintenance guy just kept saying  "shouldn't be" and "I'll get over later to check it out" Two months later I finally had my friend just come do it for me. Took him all of 5 seconds! THANK YOU BIG TIME to him. Cause I told the new guy I had him do it and his answer  was "oh I kept thinking about you and I knew I needed to get over..." Yeah... Thankfully I have good friends.

Got my email for online classes to start. The intro class is May 9th. Classes start the 20th. Ready set go!

Still plugging away on my guitar. Back to practice now. Later!


  1. Aw, poor Wyatt! He looks so much like Tristan, huh?

  2. Doesn't he? Another fevering sleep night. Poor baby is so restless. I hope the antibiotics and prayers kick in soon. I hate when my littles don't feel good. he was so miserable today. My friend brought over oatmeal raisin cookies and he was able to down a few of those though. But when asked for coming to dinner he sat on the floor with pouty lip saying I am sick... He was ready for bed at 6!

  3. Dad and I are praying for Wyatt. I hate when any of my grandkids are sick! Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for him. Your hair looks nice and the blond highlights will be good for the summer. I think you are beautiful all the time! (as I have always told you) And no.....that is not just because I am your mother.

  4. Sorry to hear about Wyatt and his ear infection. I hope by this time he is improving. I agree with your Mom, I do like your highlights but you always look nice in your pictures anyway.
    Also good luck with your online classes. Way to go!