Saturday, January 14, 2012

Updates on Tristan.

Well after three days I think Wyatt finally is on the mend. Last time I gave him tylenol was this morning and while he still was cranky and fell asleep on me for a nap today, I think we are on the mend. THANK YOU LORD! He wore me out! Very demanding sick boy. Heaven help his future wife!

Yesterday I braved the winter weather (Guess since I am a stickler for living in PA I just have to deal with it and not complain - lol) and took Tristan down to clinic. And I did not even arrive late! Go me! I have to say - I HATE antilock breaks though. I know they are safer and work, but the feeling I get when they kick in freaks me out! They make me insane! Three times yesterday.

So Tristan's clinic appointment went well. His blood did not want to give and we spent forever in the blood lab trying to squeeze blood outta his finger. And finally she just stuck him again. Poor kiddo has come a LONG way from the days of kicking and screaming. He was a fighter!

His counts were "beautiful" said his oncologist. Praise GOD!

I did have his heart murmer checked since his Primary Care Dr mentioned it twice. She said that she did hear it too and next visit in April she is going to do an Echo on him just because it will make me feel better. I think with our family having a genetic heart valve issue with my dad and his titanium one, it will just make me feel better. I also have read lots of articles on watching their hearts after chemo. Better safe then sorry IMO. So that is going to be scheduled for April 20th.

He also has bubbles on his knee. I wanted to pop them so bad cause they look like ingrown hairs to me. But he never would let me. So since they have not gone away I showed her. She said they were not ingrown hairs but a viral skin rash that is not FROM his leukemia but he is more prone to get since his immune system is weakened.

Funny I do not think of him as having a weakened immune system anymore since we always have good counts but she said it is most definitely weaker than normal kids. Typical kids? To be nicer about saying it. So good thing I did not pick it and don't. It is driving me nutso. I said if it was on me, I would so have picked. lol

So that is our updates. We have gotten now to where we can wait every three-four months now between visits. Which is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! She said no need for counts unless something comes up of concern. And when he hits the three year mark we will go down to twice a year. But for now we will stay on every 3-4 months until then. I think we have two years to go. Well we do. It was a year off on December 31st.

I still cannot believe all we have gone through and how far we have come. It is amazing the things we have went through and it all seems like a memory. I want to encourage other parents going through it - that I PROMISE it will be normal again someday. You feel like your world is upside down and you are never going to get out for air. But the day will come. And you will be amazed at what you made it through. What they made it through. I am so blessed.

While I am thinking of it, I need to go in search of my little pal Philip and updates on how he is doing. I have not seen Suzanne around in forever.


  1. Tristan is a trooper, Linda! So aren't you and your family! It's been a long road for you guys, but the end is in sight! So glad that he's doing well!

  2. Linda, I am so happy that Tristan is doing well. I know from experience that when you leave a clinic appt. with a good report how awesome it feels! Blessing's to you and
    your family.
    Love,Audra Hamil

  3. Great report on Tristan. Going through pediatric cancer with your child is the worst nightmare for a parent. You have come through a very long trial. And there is hope and brightness and "normalcy" at the other end. Always glad to read updates on Tristan. He is a beautiful child and truly a survivor! We are right there with you. God bless Tristan and all the children who are going through treatment and are off treatment and the ones that are newly diagnosed.