Friday, January 13, 2012

Big Book of History (a New Leaf Review)

I received Big Book of History by Ken Ham and Bodie Hodge for review from New Leaf Publishing (Master Books). This is a BIG look at History for young learners (geared towards ages 7 to 12). 
My daughter is 9 and I was very excited to get to use this as part of our homeschool. 

 The day it came we unfolded it all out in our home. This was fun for about three seconds and then my 3 year old came tramping in. The time my 9 year old tried to actually read and enjoy was interrupted constantly by my cries of "GET OFF of the PAGES" to her brother. And as a lot of other homeschoolers, younger kids are just part of our life. If it was on a wall that would be cool but I don't have a wall that big for it.

I liked the pictures and information is nice and presented really well.

But this book was good for an hour or so then done. It is not a suppliment to a specific curriculum so it was hit or miss if we were studying the things on the time line currently. It reminded me of sitting down with a Ripleys Believe it or not book. Great for the time but not something you read over and over.

I appreciate owning it but not something I would shout from the roof tops to tell others they had to buy.

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