Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Recap and Hair Cuts

My Christmas was really nice! I went to Harvest Community Church for their Candlelight Service on Christmas Eve. It was Beautiful and such a great message! Pastor Mike preached that "I would rather be like Joe" and talked about what it meant to be the Stepfather of Jesus. You don't always think about it. Sometimes you think - ok so he had to go into hiding etc... but to really concentrate on what that meant. The sacrifices Joseph made and such... just an angle that is not often thought about. There is more to his message and it is all online at the link above if you wanna check it out. (hows that for a little plug) But the Worship was as always - awesome. And I just had a great time with friends celebrating the Savior. Candlelight services are always great. Although the worry wart in me always sees the small kids with the candles and thinks - what are the parents thinking??? Eeks!

Here is a little of our worship team.

I sat with the Johns. I love the Johns. I just have to say. Kati, Rodger, Jesse, Samantha and Isaac are just some of the most awesome people/friends. It has been a blessing to know them all these years and still enjoy worshiping beside them on Sunday mornings. What a great family.

 After Candlelight I went to my parents house for food and friends/family. Always nice to just sit and enjoy that time with everyone. The Throckmortons and Debbey Cherry. (Missed Rachel Boyer this year! Hope you are feeling better!)

Christmas Morning I worshiped with my family at Butler Assembly.

Snitched these pictures from my sister in laws facebook. Here is my little brother Chris and his wife Lauren and daughter Adelyn at the alter of Butler Assembly. It looked so pretty with all the flowers. 

 And Adelyn and Grandma!
After Christmas Morning Church we headed over to my Grandma Noullets House. She just turned 84! I love you Grandma! Every year since I have been born (Ok I am guessing here) we have had Christmas afternoon with Grandma. All the relatives eat lunch together. It was a small group of us this year but I enjoyed it tremendously! Here I am with my Grandma! I just love her to pieces!!!

Then I got my kidlets back at 3:15 from their dad. Drop off meet at the Getgo... fun times. lol Anyways. Headed over to my parents for Christmas with my mom and dad and brother and his family. We REALLY missed my older brother Josh and Christy and nephew Nathan from Georgia. We wish you guys coulda celebrated with us.

The kids were cracking me up. They got Nintendo 3ds -es for Christmas and they have cameras in them. Here is a picture of everyone taking a picture of Adelyn. My dad in the background is setting down his camera! He was taking a picture too! I just was not fast enough. 

So that was our Christmas. Rush rush rush but sooo worth it! 

Then Last night my friend Aaron stopped by and gave Alyssa and I hair cuts. She was so excited as this was her first hair cut not done by me. She got layers. It looks so pretty! 


And mine... :)



  1. I absolutley love reading your blog and I absolutely love you and your kids!