Saturday, August 6, 2011

How I try to stay sane as a Single Mom.

Ah... 12 days single parenting - 2 days break where the kids go to their dads. 3 littles that like to challenge me in every way. Today's excitement was a crash of a ceiling globe... Gotta love the thought process of how exciting it will be to launch the metal beyblade in the air instead of down to the ground. Homeschool lesson? 
So I am finding my balance in time alone on the trails. I bought this nifty little app for my iphone called C25K. (Couch to 5K). My normal routine is to do one new day down (roughly about half and hour - then one old day back) It alternates between running and walking to work you up to running full time. Today was week 4 day 1. I was really pushed today. With the humidity I ended up walking the way back with added exercises instead of doing an older day. With the added humidity I really felt pushed today! That is cool. The way back is great too. I add in arms, switch up my walk - do a little backwards, widen my legs - Leslie Sansone says any different movement works new muscles.

I like running in the mornings. It is such a great start... Get your awesome running trail shoes (tread is deeper)...
 Snag a sitter for the kids - Check!
 My waist band (anyone know if this really does anything? who knows but it makes me sweat like crazy!), water, iphone arm band, earphones and head band to keep the bangs back.
 And I am ready to go... My little piece of heaven is the Rails to Trails in Herman.

 It is so beautiful here... Butterflies galore! Although they kamikazi straight for you. They sure are pretty. Might be hard to see but there are two yellow ones in the pic below. 

And the music plays on my iphone, I just block out the world and run/walk. I am so enjoying it! Then back to reality I come. And dirty diapers, crashing glass, fighting siblings and bills are the norm. But I love my life. I love the blessing I have of time to regroup a few times a week. If you can I highly recommend it! Especially for us homeschool mothers. We devote 100 percent of our time to our childrens schedules and lives. It is very important to find something just for you. No interruptions. An hour or two here and there. Makes for a much calmer mom. Tristan lucked out today... the light could have thrown me over the edge. lol He was very lucky I had just finished my run! :)

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