Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer off...

Last night I completely cleaned out my homeschool cupboard and rearranged it for this coming school year. This is my favorite time of the year. Prepping for next. Alyssa sat with me and said - mom... I know you wont hear many kids say this - but I miss school! Do you think once it is ready I could do a little here and there when I am in the mood? I said - sure hon. And she talked with me about what she loves about homeschool.
I was kinda getting in a slump that all homeschoolers go through - wondering if it would be good to just put them in school. I think it is ok to question and re-evaluate your decision every so often. I always come back to YES I am doing the right thing.
But being in the slump I was - it was wonderful to have a heart to heart with Alyssa and hear all the good I am doing with her.
I think I am struggling with my decision because I am at the hard point with Tristan. Teaching him to read. We are so almost there... but the wall is up. he can read words that I put on paper. But a story he doesn't. I remember the worry and frustration with Alyssa. I shed a few tears for her. And then one day - BAM it happened. The wall crumbled down and the reading happened.
I know that one of these days that is going to happen with Tristan too. And when it does - it opens up so much more into our homeschool experience. Alyssa picks up books and just starts reading. This one book I was saving because I was not ready to go into it with her yet... well she found it and could not put it down last night. It was on the subject of abortion and life before birth. Tough stuff! I was going to go for that one when she was around 12. But she got it and was loving it. I guess I should have trusted good ol Answers in Genesis to make a childrens book fine for tough subjects.
So I am getting ready. And excited for the new year. Now is all the fun of getting in my paperwork and afidavits to school. (however you spell that) July is our casual month. When we are bored we start school. So I want to get my paperwork in asap!
Here are a few pictures of what I have been up to since blogging last.
We moved into a town house in Butler. My half is the one with the fan in the window. I thought this was awesome! 
 Skate castle Roller Skating with the kids.

 McConnells Mill

 Tristan is now on to finger sticks and this is Rose his awesome nurse. She is happy to not be kicked and fought for mediport access. She happily sat beside him and let the other nurse stick his finger! ha ha. We love Rose!
 Girls Night Out! Woo hoo! While I miss my babies DEARLY when they are with their dad every other weekend. I could do one of two things - sit around and cry or go out and enjoy my friends. I picked that one! Celebrated 2 birthdays last weekend and had a super nice Olive Garden Dinner. The girls - minus LeAnn who took the picture. I LOVE MY FRIENDS!
 And while I was out - my sister in law smart enough not to be Megan - sent me these pictures on the cell phone. The kids dad took them to crooked creek. Megan was there too so I got to see my babies having a nice time. I am glad they did.


  1. Glad to hear that all is going well. You can certainly see that the joy has come back into your life. =o)

    And what's the name of the book? You can't mention a great book and not tell us. LOL

  2. I agree with Stef!

    Are you still using Hooked on Phonics with Tristan? Sam is SLOWLY working his way through Level 1. He's almost onto short E, the final section in Level 1.

    Looks like you guys are going on some fun trips!


  3. It is wonderful when kids love learning. It really warms my heart when Bianca comes home from school and she excitedly tells me how much fun she had at school and how much she enjoys the things her teacher teaches her every day.

  4. Glad to hear that life for you and your family is going smoothly. Also glad to hear about Tristan's finger sticks; no more port accessing. That is great.
    I really like the picture of the rainbow over your town house
    Hope you have happy summer

  5. As a mom of boys . . . my middle, Ryan, has a lot of difficulty reading. I think I pushed him way too early. He's going into 5th grade, but reading is such a struggle for him. So my advice is to follow Tristan's signals. If he is getting too overwhelmed with reading, just back off and keep going over his sounds, etc. Like you said, it will click eventually. Boys are way different learners than girls, so I'm learning. :) Anyway, that's my opinion, but wanted to share it with you. How neat that Alyssa loves school so much, I wish that was catchy. :)

    I'm so glad you are getting out with the girls and enjoying life! I've been praying for you at this time.

    You're doing a great job with your children and it looks like you're having a wonderful summer, too. I love the rainbow over your townhouse pic, too.