Thursday, April 7, 2011

Meeting Adelyn

We recently took a trip to Maryland to visit my Brother and his wife Lauren. We were eager to get down there to meet our new little cousin Adelyn! What a joy she was. The kids adored her and had a truly great time visiting their aunt and uncle. I hope they did not find too much messed up at their home when we left. :o)
I was very proud of how well the kids did on the car ride. 5 hours down one day, 5 hours back the next. We made the trip without any fights or crying. We only had to endure Tristan's countless how much longers. But for the most part he was only asking and did not grumble at how long it was going to be.
On the way home we encountered Hail at the gas station in Somerset, PA. My daughter has already told 2 people the funny little story. I let the kids get out of the car to see and feel the hail. (Hey a homeschool mom takes every learning oppertunity!) but not Wyatt, he stayed inside. My Parents were driving the van and mom said - Where did mommy go? Wyatt said "She went to Hail!" I am not sure if Alyssa knows why that was so funny or not, but it sounded of course like I went somewhere else and the adults got a little chuckle out of it. Guess you had to be there!
So I wanted to share some pictures of the kids and my beautiful niece so without further ado...

As you can see, we love our little girl Adelyn and the kisses were flying. Thank you Jesus that we found a weekend where no one had a cold, cough or anything else so we could meet her. That itself is a miracle with our family! Someone is always sick! But we did it, stayed healthy for the weekend :o)


  1. Looks like a great time! And that is so funny what Wyatt said!

  2. O she is so beautiful. And your children are getting so big. And they are beautiful too!