Monday, February 14, 2011

Pinching Pennies Entry #1

Ok, so I am just in the find ways to stretch a dollar mode. Rethinking my financial situations in life. :)

Ways I am going to clean up my act and start saving money... So I am going to blog about my ideas and ways here.

First thing I am doing is tackling the laundry monster. My family is in the habit of getting out of a clean bath, wrapping in a towel (or 2 for our hair) and drying off, then dressing and those towels are washed. WHY? Why can we not hang them to dry and reuse them? I have a load a day of just towels for my family. So I installed an inside clothes line and I am going to start teaching my kids to hang their towels up to use again the next day.

And after a nice clean bath and we go to bed in our jammies - why do my kids think they can only wear them one night? New rule - two nights!


  1. Sounds AWESOME, Linda! I only wash towels once a week (unless I find them on the floor). The kids have TONS of hangers in their bathroom to quickly and easily hang up their destinated towel. (It helps that each has a color.)


  2. Oh my, I wouldn't be happy with ONLY two nights of wearing jammies. No way. We've always hung up our towels to dry and use them for a few times after that first time. I wash everything in cold water, except for towels which I wash occassionally in hot. And I rinse those again (in cold of course). I hope your penny pinching goes well!

  3. Good ideas - we reuse towels a couple times before washing, except the towels I use for my hair. Those get used only once before I wash them. And everybody wears their jammies several nights before putting them in the wash. I wash EVERYTHING in cold water.

  4. We reuse towels here before washing - for about a week. We have towel racks, though in the summer they don't work as well. I also wash in cold water and just recently made my own batch of laundry detergent (which I've used a few times already).

    My boys don't really wear jammies to bed, but do have lounge clothes. Grace does and will sometimes wear hers for a few nights (sometimes days if we go nowhere). I make her change them if I realize she's had the same ones on for a day or so. lol

    Good luck penny pinching!