Friday, January 28, 2011

Ham and Potato Soup a Success!

There are some things I make that are ok. There are some things I make that are not even edible. And then there are things like the Ham and Potato soup I made yesterday that are keepers!
I am lucky to live very close to a Meat Market (Millers) just a few blocks away. Oh the wonders of fresh meat that is CHEAPER then Walmart. Seriously people... if you live in Butler - WHY do you not buy your meat at Millers!? Hamburger alone is worth the trip in! But back to the ham...

I wanted to make ham and bean soup a while ago but being challenged in the kitchen as I am, I do not have freezers full of ham bones to use. But I made a phone call to my nifty little meat market and they gathered up bones for me. Bones is a term used loosly as sure there was a bone in there but the HUNK of MEAT that was surrounding each bone was BEAUTIFUL! They sold me a big bag of them for like 8 dollars if I remember correctly. It was an amazing price.

Yesterday as I looked through my cupboards to find something for dinner, we are down really low in food in need of a grocery  trip. But I was down to 3 little hunks of ham, and I had potatoes... So no recipe at all... (You gotta know this is big for me) I put them in my crock pot - completely frozen! (gotta love easy recipes) added a 32 oz box of chicken broth, peeled and diced about 7 or 8 potatoes. (another step omitted as I just threw them in like that!) a little onions, fresh parsley (yay baby I had fresh parsley!) pepper and salt (did NOT need the salt but that is my inexperiance in the kitchen talking) and cooked on high all day long.

Oh how beautiful it smelled and looked. The aroma in my kitchen was to die for and I eagerly watched the pot every hour it cooked lusting after it's contents.

So I knew I wanted to make it creamy. Just what I was in the mood for. I called my mother in law to see if just throwing in Cream Cheese would work. She did not answer her phone so on I moved down my cooking buddy chain of command to my sister in law. (normally I call my friend Jenn for things but I was feeling like I should give her a rest today) My sister in law advised me to use milk and corn starch. Thankfully since our last science experiment with it, I had bought more.

So a little time with the milk and cornstarch and dinner was ready.

The ENTIRE family loved it - ok , so Tristan did not even give it a chance so I am not even counting his thumbs down. His thumb was down before it even hit his mouth. We had it for dinner and now we had it for BREAKFAST! This is a big make again recipe. Alyssa asked me to make it again as soon as I finish this pot. I told her I need to get more ham so it has to wait.


  1. Looks great! It's ALWAYS nice to find something that EVERYONE loves! Well, almost everyone. LOL Maybe next time for Tristan!