Saturday, December 18, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up - The One With the Statue of Liberty


I have typed this post 3 different times now... and managed to delete the whole thing twice. Stinkin blogger and its auto saves. Anyone know how to turn that off?

So we are back to the land of homeschool. Where school is done in your pajamas or super hero costumes and little brothers learn along side you. Yes it is the way life is supposed to be!

 This week for Geography we sang to our Geography Songs CD from Sonlight, Worked on Our Maps and put together a puzzle of the United States.

Then for Science along with learning about Animals, we did a few experiments. And like last week - Snap Circuits did not go undone a single day.

For Civics we learned about the Statue of Liberty. How her original name was Liberty Enlightening the World  and was a birthday gift from France in 1886. Then we made crowns and torches. Tristan did not want to wear his until his sister insisted he could be a boy statue. :) We also took pennies and put them on paper towels with vinegar and saw how/why pollution in the air made the copper layer on the statue turn green.  

 Lots of cookie and peppermint bark making this week.
We also had my grandma over for her 83rd birthday. The kids love that. It is so special to have time with her and my kids. We played uno attack and made some nice memories. I am so blessed to still have her in my life. I hope she is around a long long time more!


  1. looks like a great week of school! I haven't had the chance to blog about ours, but it was an ok week. Better than last week! :)

    I love the Statue of Liberty crowns and torches!

    You also inspired me to order Snap Circuits for my oldest (I got him the Snap Circuits SC-300 for Christmas). I can hardly wait for Christmas!! :)

    Since it autosaves, have you gone back into posts through the dashboard and then edit previous post? Does that make sense? It's very late and I can't think straight. lol

    How wonderful to celebrate your Grandma's 83rd b-day!!

  2. what happens is I delete the whole post by accident and then at the same moment it auto saves and there is nothing to go back too.

  3. I LOVE seeing you posting about homeschooling again! Look at how much fun the kids are having together learning! LOVE the Statue of Liberties!


  4. The kids sure look happy to be home. =o)

    You need to download Windows Live Writer. It's free and you work on your posts offline so not as much of a chance of deleting them. It's also got nicer features for working with pictures. Now that I have a mac, I miss blogging with it. At least until Kevin partitions my hard drive and installs windows so I can run live writer and hst from my laptop. I'm so done with PCs. lol

  5. It looks like you had a very productive week. And it's really nice to be able to spend time with your grandma. Happy Birthday Grandma!