Friday, December 24, 2010

Parents of young girls take notice of this CD

I am soooo disappointed in Disney's Selena Gomez and the Scene's CD A Year Without Rain. Unfortunately I could not check out Christian Spotlight on Entertainment first before I purchased it  because it is a cd not movie, for my eight year old daughter.

This morning she got it for Christmas and immediately she noticed the song "ROCK GOD" and said - uh oh mommy. I thought - surely it is just a song about being a real die hard rock fan or something...

No such luck. It is a disgrace that Disney would allow a song like this unChristian propaganda on their cd.
You can find the lyrics here  but they include the following

Cuz im so possesed with the music

"father things arent always so black and white..
Dont cast the first stone cuz im not alone"
And its not like im hurtin anyone..

No I wouldnt change a thing even if I could
I chose a path and im not looking back
And im sorry if I left the angels crying
Over me...

My daughter and I were so disgusted at this song. Disney, once again you have disgusted half your audience. I am saddened.

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