Thursday, January 15, 2015

Ward Off Needing Stitches with an Egg

Have you ever heard of the old trick to heal a split open cut with an egg? I am very happy that my Dad and Uncle have passed down this little tidbit of knowledge to myself because it has came in handy a few times. Whether it was to ward off stitches all together, or to hold together a cut when needed, or just a stubborn cut on a finger that is prone to being reopened because you use it so much.

The other day when I cut myself on a sharp metal drain stop that was broken and slice the side of the thumb doing dishes, I realized I once again needed eggs. I thought while I was at it - I would blog this little nugget of wisdom for anyone who might have heard about it but is like - ok... I have an egg, now what? What part do I exactly use to do this miracle cure?

So... without further a-do : The fun pictures on how to heal a cut without needing stitches.

First you crack the egg into a container - don't waste it. Then look at the shell. The bottom shell seems to have the best place to snag it. Can you see in this picture, the white "skin" that is inside when the shell flicks off. Be gentle to grab some and start pulling it off. You can see I have a piece already on my thumb. 
 Wrap it around the cut area like so...
 Then fast dry it. I held mine over the heater vent. You could hair dry it. Or hold it in front of a fan. As it dries it will harden and tighten the skin.
 It turns a nice white color when dried and you can leave it like that - or wrap a bandaid around it or tape etc. Alone is fine.

If you get it wet you have to redo it because it will wash off. I had a nice nasty cut and I actually wore a rubber glove over it to shower because I needed that sucker to stay closed for a bit. If it is a deep cut - a few days will be needed. Change the egg on it daily if not it gets pretty icky. But it works like a charm! It is a great trick that has helped a few people I know avoid stitches. Of course I am not offering medical advice - just passing down a nifty little old wives trick I am sure you will be glad to know if ever needed.

Hope this helps you clear up the question of - what exactly am I looking for on the egg. Oh next time you are cooking - go ahead and see if you can find the skin inside like I am talking about. Why not figure out how to get a nice strip before you are actually gushing blood!

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