Saturday, March 31, 2012


So I have been tanning this week at Sizzles Tans. Figured I was gonna try to get some color cause going all summer last year without sun and all the comments of how white I am... anyways I am snagging a month of tanning to start the season off in hopes of looking like I am not a ghost this year. 3rd day of going - they changed their bulbs. Didn't up my little 8 mins this time which I was cool with... THANK GOD they didn't! I am a tad red today. I could not figure out when I came home from getting a hair cut and my friend Alex was outside, I stopped to talk to her and just started shivering! Now I had just gotten a hair cut and Aaron soaked my back with the water bottle spray but I am talking teeth chattering, shaking shiver! I realized when I went in - water, cold AND sunburnt. (not awful but you know what I mean) She said she thought I was nuts!

So you can kinda see the cut... I need to flat iron it. I asked for it short and shaggy. Thankfully my friend knows I did not mean too short. That is why I love my hair cutting friends. When I went to Billie she always just did whatever and knew me. Aaron has figured me out pretty much too. I just trust them. And crazy since I knew Aaron way back in high school and he used to have 3 foot high BLUE spikes! Tonight when I called him he said sure come out but he had 3 beers if I didn't mind. uh... ok... just as long as I dont come back with the spikes I am good.... :) I love my $10 Aaron hair cuts. I enjoy chatting with old friends, he is REALLY awesome at cutting hair and I also came home with like 8 or 9 pairs of jeans for Alyssa from Riley! Score! 

It was a very productive day. Started off trying to sleep in since I stayed up cleaning till 2 am... but Tamara likes to text early! ha ha. Then Mom and Dad called to ask me to go with them for the morning so it worked out good anyways. We set up the church for tomorrows Easter Egg hunt, went shopping (saw Aunt Linda, Becky and the girls) and out to lunch. After I got home from them I hit the YMCA and Tanning. Eliptical, Stair Climber and Walking at the Y. Chatted up all the unicycle club ladies in the locker room. Someone mark my words - next summer I will probably try that! It is free why not right? They have all the equipment, you just gotta show up. I would so love to see how I do on a unicycle! ha ha I envision face planting the ground! Gonna be interesting that is for SURE!

Finished off the night at Boscovs snagging two tank tops on super sale and a sundress. Tried on a SUPER cute yellow one but sadly - too small. It was soooo pretty though. But that is for the best. It was a little too expensive anyways. Went to Aaron and Marys then finished up a book review. Very very productive day. Thank you Good night!

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