Friday, March 9, 2012

Plenty of Prayer Requests for you tonight.

So first things first - CONGRATULATIONS to my big brother Josh for his promotion to a Supervisor Position at the Aflac Headquarters in GA. We are so proud of him!

Then... crazy thing I did... So I swelled up the bridge of my nose and under my right eye. Yeah... we all hear that you are not supposed to mess with your zits (blemishes to sound nicer).... But when one is on the bridge of your nose MAN does it hurt and cause headaches... so... yeah, don't do it. I won myself Antibiotics!!! And the past two days I have needed to hide so no one sees how goofy I look! So lesson learned - don't do that again. Will I? Probably. I want to know why I still have to DEAL with this crap at 32 years old!

Anyways... speaking of being old I have a meeting next week with a councilor person. I am going to see about getting in some college courses while I could possibly have pretty good financial assistance. I have a year of college under my belt and I am going to try to sign up for some online courses to start. I know I need to start thinking of my future. How to support myself because the kids aren't going to be around forever. But I have been a stay at home mother since 2007. My resume is kinda full of a BIG BLACK hole. And reality is - I am NOT getting a full time job at this time. My kids need me and are the most important thing on the face of this planet. And I am a HOMESCHOOL MOTHER and will be until God calls me other wise. But for now that desire just gets stronger and stronger every day.

I LIVE for homeschooling my kids. The feeling I get with each triumph is like a personal high. Tristan learned to read! BOOM it is like the crest of the biggest roller coaster! And I got him there! I have so many great things planned for them and they are coming into the great age where they love to learn. I don't want to mess with that. Our homeschool co-op is growing, field trips are awesome. So anyways - not an option to stop. God just keeps showing me how amazing investing in my kids is.

But... I know that in the future, I  need more for myself to survive. I know God will provide but he also needs me to be willing and able to take part in that :) So I need to think about re-entering the job field since my dream of being a good stay at home mother/wife is kinda on a BIG HOLD. Seasons change - and I am FOREVER grateful for the time I was able to be with Tristan through his leukemia. And for the time being - with my kids while they are young and really need me.

So things are GREAT with Wyatt sleeping in his own bed. I have a bunch of "me" time in the evenings now. So I think adding one or two online classes to start this summer will work nicely. Like I said - I have a year of general studies in so just figure out where to go from there. And PRAY God directs my path.

So will you pray with me? Pray that as I just take one step at a time - he will show me. Direct me and lead me down the path that HE wants for me.

Also be praying for me because next month is the month Justin and I will file our divorce. And we wanted a quick easy one - nothing to fight over but lo and behold when I called the court house I found out that  good ol Butler is NOT like Kittanning. You cannot get a quick easy divorce. You HAVE to have a lawyer. No cheap ol stuff for Butler-ites. sigh... So just guidance on how to do that too. You guys do NOT know the unknown and all the where do you even start or calls that people separated go through. It is so hard!

Justin moves into his new apartment March 23rd so prayers for that too. I do NOT like where it is. Bad neighborhood. Bad townhouse actually... but GOD will protect my babies. I hope all goes well for him/them.

So that is my updates. Thank you and GOOD NIGHT! :) :) :)


  1. I will totally be praying for you and these requests!

    I have a friend in Butler that is a Christian and a lawyer: (from her facebook page) "Providing Quality Legal Services to meet your Family Litigation needs." Here's her website:

    On a totally different topic, my in-law's neighbors go to your church! Very sweet family - Shaun and Lori Brumbaugh (they have 2 daughters). Just thought I would name drop. :)

    Take care and keep leaning on God!

  2. Good luck and prayers for all that you need at this time. Good for you for trying to get some online classes done. It's the right direction, education. And I hope things go well with your legal matters, frustrating for you I'm sure. One foot in front of the other as the saying goes.