Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Nice Weather, Forensic Science and Bedtime Routines.

 Who's been enjoying the awesome weather in Western PA? We are!!! Ahhh but the temps are falling... That's ok. Thank you God for the little spurt of beautiful 50s and sunshine so we could get out there and get rid of some winter blahs.

Oh but we did get quite a few scrapes and cuts to enjoy ::: note get more bandaids!:::: Climbing of Pine Trees and my kids are covered in scrapes and Tristan... went to bed with sap in his hair! He got out of a bath, I washed his hair and did not notice... when it was drying and he was snuggled into bed tonight I did. I was praying and rubbing his hair and hard sap. Another note to self - figure out best way to get sap from his hair in the morning. Not time for a hair cut yet.

Although tonight I have to tell you Wyatt cracked me up. As he was running up to his bath he says "Don't give me a lawn mower" I said "what???" he says " a lawn mower, don't do a lawn mower, I don't need a hair cut!" oooh he was thinking it might be time for a hair cut and I use clippers! I thought it was too cute. Not time for that buddy.

But back to cuts and scrapes. Alyssa fell on her Roller Skates today and had her helmet on but not her knee pads. Big chunk of a cut (ok little chunk of a cut) on her knee. Gross really bloody and gross. She might get a scar from this one. We shall see. The knee pads were found. Poor girl needs new. All my kids need bigger helmets and pads. I hope to get them new bikes, helmets and pads for Easter. If the income tax fairy is nice to me. ha ha. 

Homeschool: We had out our forensic science kit from last year. We just wanted to play. The kit came with invisible ink and a black light. We go into rooms and hide a hand print on something then try to find what the criminal touched. here is Wyatt and his  hand print on the kitchen wall.
 Swimming Lessons: Not going so well. We missed last week because we were on lock down (in other words, out of gas for the time being). This week Wyatt took a total step back. MOM I want MOM, MOMMMMM Wheres MOM! I was so sick of hearing my name for that half hour. I feel so bad for his instructors.
 For one period of time the instructors both had other kids showing them a stroke and I could see the wheels turning in Wyatt's brain... hmmm they left me... I can make an escape... Slowly his leg crept up the side of the pool... He so badly wanted to get out... I was laughing inside. I know if he had one more second he woulda made a break for it... and DRATS! they noticed! ha ha ha.
 Bedtime : I love my kidlets. Even though Wyatt peed in my bed tonight. Not a full pee (THANK GOD!) His sister was supposed to put his underware on him while I put Tristan to bed. She let him go naked and played with him instead. lo and behold little rascal dribbled in my bed and laughed about it. OOOOOOh was I mad!!! We are now sleeping on a towel cause I had to wet it even though it was just a tad - had to wash the spot! I am annoyed and it was on my side! So I switched him and now will probably get no sleep tonight. Sigh... But I love my kids despite. And here I am with Wyatt my little stubborn mule.
 Then there is putting Tristan to sleep. This is my biggest challenge and heart break. My other two are easy to bed kids. No sleep problems at all. Tristan is a problem. The kid shakes with fear. He doesn't want to go to sleep cause he assumes as soon as he does he will think of something bad or scary. I can relate. My biggest nightmare as a child was a dog. I would dream over and over that there was this dog running around my parents bed and I was trapped on the bed. I never saw the dog but I knew it was there. I never watched scary things but I had this terrifying fear. And Tristan does too. Sometimes I want to say - BUDDY there is nothing scary! (ok so I do - sometimes I get so frustrated) He is up all hours of the night. He tries to keep himself up late and wakes up early. If he wakes in the middle of the night he is in my room over and over telling me about dreams. He is so tender hearted. But I never had to deal with this before. He wont go downstairs alone at night. He screams and runs. His heart pounds. Never have I told Alyssa go get me anything and she hesitates. She goes anywhere and fears nothing. If she has had a bad dream in her LIFE I never heard about it. She says she has but just goes back to sleep. Not Tristan. I love this boy.
 And Alyssa. So simple. Putting her to bed is super easy but takes time. Cause she wants me to rub her. Pray but rub. Alyssa is my rock. If there was one word to describe her it would be Reliable. Her name actually means :Rational, Logical. I think both of those fit her well. She is just so level headed. I tell her something and she just does it. (isn't that any mothers dream?) She will help out when needed. She is my little mommy. Always has been. I think God knew what he was doing placing her in the family dynamics as a first born child. She has the perfect personality to fit the bill. Which is why I must admit when she has her melt downs I can't handle it as well as I can with the boys. Because I just want her to "get over it" "stop it" and she should listen. Like today when she is far away fallen on her skates I am in the house like - what do you want me to do? I can't leave Wyatt. Tristan tell her to get over here. (BAD MOMMY MOMENT) so Tristan goes off to relay the message of get over here to a girl with a gashed knee (I did not know this) on skates. He comes back saying "mom, I will stay with Wyatt - go help Alyssa" (What smart kids I have) So I start out the door and my rock Alyssa - is crying and wobbling her way back home. I see the blood and think - OOOOOh Lord remind me to be more sensitive to this girl! I am so used to her acting a thousand times more mature for her age that I just respond like she should be an adult. I have been super good with the whole knee bandaid, not wanting to look at it all day. I prayed that God would help me show her compassion. Silly but like I said - I am so not used to having to that I often forget she is a little girl. I love her. She is going to be the best of friends to me one day. Already is. I am very blessed with her for my daughter.
And that is a wrap. Everyone is tucked into bed and now I am off! Nighty Night Blogging friends!


  1. Lovely update post :-). Those forensic kits look like great fun!

  2. A Mommy's Day is full of ups...and downs...but that's what makes them so special, right?

  3. Had to laugh at little escape artist Wyatt. So funny. I agree that Alyssa acts much more mature than her age. I LOVE having her in my co-op classes. She's so polite and mature and such a pleasure to teach.

  4. I absolutely love you and those kids. I so enjoy how you write. And you are a very good artist - look at all the beautiful birthday decorations you have drawn! Thanks so much for sharing your interesting life with all of us who love you!!!!!