Monday, February 27, 2012

Guitar - Yep - Another Day of What I learned :) and other things I did today.

So I am still practicing up a storm. Today my web cam came - let the Skype Lessons begin - or at least Chris can see what I am doing and FIX me! I am actually feeling pretty good with my progress. Today I worked on practicing the Chords I learned - practicing a few new ones and added in some notes. Played a little basic song. Oh bring back the memories of learning the flute and the silly things you have to play.

My background already knowing how to read music, notes, staffs, beats etc helped a lot today. I was able to just flip through the learning about that stuff and made me and my Type A Personality feel AWESOME to check off lessons as Mastered!

My Guitar Stand finally came today and my strap so now it looks pretty sitting in the corner of my room. You guys do not know how it warms my belly to see things all nice and complete! It is who I am. I have picks, a stand, strap, dvd, instructional book, tuner, pick holder and I just feel complete! ha ha.

So here's a pic of how nice it looks when I am not playing it.
And today these were the chords I added to the already learned (and still practicing) Am, and Em. Today I worked on Major Chords A, E and D.
Worked on them with my House of Blues DVD.

Then I worked on the first strings notes in my Guitar Method Book.

And put them together to play a Spanish Theme. That's what's it's called.


So that was guitar for the day. I also had a really nice day with the kidlets. Tomorrow we start back our crazy routine at the YMCA. But today we did homeschool and played Hot Wheels. (I keep toys in bins and we have not had out our big bin of hot wheels tracks for a while so this was nice - keeps them interested) The kids dad stopped over today. He is looking at an apartment in Butler. He plans to move in the next few weeks. Please keep me in your prayers over this one. Suddenly Butler is feeling mighty small of a town. Sigh...

But anyways - after he left I took the kids to the Texas Roadhouse - had a gift certificate. Oh Yea! Have I mentioned lately how I love that place? I felt guilty when my friend LeAnn called to ask if I wanted to go walking with her... uh sorry... I am out to eat! If I had not already told the kids...

So we went there and then hit the mall. Tristan was itching to spend some birthday gift cards and money. He is such a sweet boy. He used his money to buy a game and head phones and a car charger for his 3DS. He is all happy to have a car charger for "When he goes to Maryland" :) :) :)

I convinced him to spend his money on a game for himself. He was going to buy Alyssa one instead. Which was sweet but I knew he really wanted a different game. He had some leftover so I added a little more and did get the game for Alyssa. The kids have been sooooo amazing helping me with Wyatt at night - I felt like they earned it. But it is really  nice to see that last week with birthday money he bought her a little lego set she wanted. My kids are very generous with each other and makes me proud.

All and all it was a good day. Productive and Calm. Gotta love days like that!

Oh and I got a new candle thing for my bedroom wall. Just from Walmart but I think they are pretty!!


  1. I have the SAME guitar book! Awesome! I should probably get my guitar out and practice, really. You are inspiring me! :) You're doing great, keep it up! Playing flute does help when it comes to reading notes, etc.

    Glad Tristan had a wonderful birthday, too. He's such a cutie!

    1. I have to say - the DVD makes me feel more complete and like I am Playing something. But perhaps when I get further into the book... Plucking notes to Oh When the Saints is not as satisfying as strumming chords with a drum beat on the video.

    2. The candle holders are pretty. I should see if they have them here. I could use some in my bathroom.

    3. Angela - your comment showed up this time! woohoo! Progress :)

      I got them for like $15. They are Better Home and Garden Brand. I have other metal picture frames and a big heart over my bed so they match my room nicely. They hold tea lights.

  2. The candle things are so beautiful! And your guitar setup looks so fancy! Well done! I really wish I could play, but for now I have too many other things on my plate to even think about learning.