Thursday, December 8, 2011

Silly String, Soup, Strep and Serious Poppin.

Ok, so after many weeks of Tristan asking for Silly String, I gave in. But not until after I called my friend to make sure it was not going to be awful! I have never touched the stuff before and had no clue if it would stick to everything and be a pain in the butt to clean up. Well it wasn't. It was pretty fun. But since I still - even after asking - felt unsure about it inside the house, we played on our trees. Wyatt says we decorated Christmas Trees! Yep, kinda. lol It was fun. Probably will get it again. :)

Speaking of again - about two months ago I facebooked about the foam hair dye. How I could not STAND how much my head was poppin and I wanted to go insane with it! Swore that it better be the best hair dye ever or I was not going to use foam again! ... well I have to say - I think it was worth it. I did not have that feeling of I NEED to dye it again! It faded but not near as fast as Feria. Still love my Feria but had to move on. ... (still have a box in my cupboard for old times sake - been using Feria for 13 years!!!) Anyways... I think the 30 mins of head popping insanity is worth it. Just wanted to update you all. I know you care! 

 Not sure why but I just keep going darker and darker. I LOVE being blond and Tristan just told me that he really wanted me to do blond again soon.  I skipped it this summer but will get back to it this spring. But anyways... I am not sure why but each time I just want darker and darker. I doubt I will ever try black but something about dark hair just intrigues me for now. So that is the mood I am in. :-)
 This week we helped put up my dad and mom's Christmas Tree. The kids made hand print shirts in Giant Eagles Eagle Nest on Saturday. If you are not using the Eagles Nest you are so missing out! I am sooooo happy that Wyatt is old enough now. They make a different craft in there each week. It is free. The shirts were only $2 a shirt but you could have brought your own in. But two bucks! That is cheap! They loved making them and were sooo super cute!

 Shopping time. Just thought Wyatt was silly so I snapped a picture.
Kids were very well behaved this week when I went shopping. We even hit two stores. I have to brag because - hey I am proud. I was in the dollar store. We love to go in with a list and the kids Christmas shop for everyone. It is super sweet to see what they choose for everyone. We were there a while and at the check out had a bunch of items. The older two entertained Wyatt while I checked out. The cashier commented how well behaved they were (HA! This is a miracle!) and how nice it was how they were so loving with Wyatt. It is true. I am very blessed at how well my older two act with Wyatt. They are such great siblings. But it is nice to  have someone notice and comment.

Poor Tristan got Strep throat this week... He was up all night (and making sure I knew) just miserable! We won a trip to Dr. Trotta's. I can always tell strep, we get it so many times. I was 99.9% sure he had it. And of course - positive. Here he is asleep on the drs table! 
 He is all antibiotic-ed up now and feeling great! I am sorry I know strep is bad but at least when you get it, you only have a little suffering before antibiotic snuffs out the symptoms. If you don't have strep and just a sore throat, cold, fever, you gotta suffer for sometimes a week or more. But he is on his 10 day meds and back to normal again. Thank you Jesus for modern medicine.

 Today is cold!!! And I am in a soup mood. So I have my crock pot simmering for ham and bean soup. Here is a pretty picture. I LOVE SOUP!!! At the end I will add corn starch and milk and make it all creamy goodness. (boy I talk about food alot on my blog) You should smell my house! DELISH!

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  1. Oh, poor Tristan! I'm sure he's on the mend now though. Hopefully no one else will come down with it. Cati's been hit pretty hard here - first asthma attack, ear infection and belly bug.

    Yummy soup! We had beef stew the other night and again for lunch.

    Oh, and I use the FOAM STUFF: medium brown with gold or red highlights! LOL