Sunday, December 18, 2011

Gifts, Girl Scouts and Great Brother Time

So as I said before, we opened our gifts on Saturday Morning. It was a really nice morning but way too early for Wyatt and me. It was not until 3 presents were opened that Wyatt even opened his eyes to see what was going on! Here is how my tree looked for the kids to come down to.

Then in the afternoon, the Greater Butler Girl Scouts met at Sunnyview to Christmas Carol for the residents. It was really nice. Here are a few girls from our troop. Yes, my daughter is in purple. I asked her to put on a Christmas shirt/outfit and she gave me a "I am old enough to pick my clothes" look so I let her be. 

 Our friend Abby played a song on the piano. Here is she...

 And Wyatt got Lego duplos to add to his collection for Christmas from me. I got him a firefighter set and a camping set. They are so cute and perfect for his age!
 And big brothers like to play also.

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