Friday, December 16, 2011

Experiancing Butler, PA's Awesome Shops

I had such a great day with my kidlets. Days like today are what homeschooling is all about. Today we put off lessons until after lunch and headed downtown to Cummings Candy Store.  I just was in the mood to do something different and enjoy some special time and also to let the kids experience a Butler tradition.

 We went for icecream! Picked our flavor choices of Pumpkin and Muddy Sneakers. I have to say - if they have Muddy Sneakers - soooooo good a choice! Get it!!! White Choc Icecream with White choc shavings, carmel and other things. Thankfully Tristan picked it and he is a good sharer. Alyssa is not so into others eating her food... but Tristan - he was ok with sharing with Wyatt and Me!
 I could not go without getting a bag of their peanut brittle! I know - pathetic - but one day I was watching channel 10 (local channel) and they had a special on them making the peanut brittle and I have wanted to try it since! ha ha. So I did!

 Tristan being a good big brother and sharing his icecream cone ...
 After Cummings, we stopped at Millers Meats - next door. Another Butler favorite of ours. Can you say HUGE block of SMOKED CHEDDAR, Bacon, hamburger... oh yes...
Then we came home and made a nice meatloaf lunch/dinner (well we had icecream for lunch...). Then school time. Wyatt ZONKED! Tonight he is oh so getting a bath! ha ha

Alyssa has been into color outfits. As you can see - today was purple day. Yesterday she was decked out in blue from head to toe.  She looked really pretty I have to say. So of course I snapped a picture.

Tomorrow morning we will be having our Christmas together. They will be at their dad's for Christmas Eve until Christmas night and going straight to my moms for their family Christmas. So I needed to pick a time for my day. Since I am NOT waiting till after the holiday, I am going early. I can't wait! :) Gonna be our first Christmas as "mom's house"... Kinda strange... but as with every other event in our lives - the kids make it special time and I am like a kid - I can't wait for tomorrow morning!!!


  1. Such fun!! I can't wait to hear how it all goes.

  2. Sounds and looks like a fun day in Butler PA!!
    And yes Alyssa does look very pretty in her colorful purple outfit!
    Well Merry Christmas one week early for you and your family. I hope it's a wonderful day for all of you.