Sunday, November 13, 2011

Harvest Community Church Thanksgiving Meal Outreach

Today I had a GREAT time serving with my Harvest friends! We had a Thanksgiving meal served free to the public at Walmart Parking Lot. It was AWESOME! HUGE tent - very nice!! Good food! Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, green beans, bread and butter, cranberry sauce, pumpkin and apple pie! It was all homemade food too! REAL Gravy made from drippings not from a jar. OH  MY was it good! lol (yeah, they let us eat when we were almost done)

I was on the hospitality team and my job was to talk. ha ha ha could they pick a better job for me? We were each assigned a table and we had a server there too. My server was Bailey a 12 year old "other daughter" of Pastor Rodney :) She is his neighbor. I had a GREAT time getting to know her!
 Here is one view of the tent - My table was in the middle so this is looking towards the back.
 Here I am with Bailey, She was just so fun and sweet! We talked non stop and made a GREAT team!
 Little Hannah was such a hard working server! And so cute!
 Who are these women behind the serving tray???
 Bailey and Charis!
 Brianna and Lucas enjoying the outreach and bringing friends!
 Some of our servers who worked hard enjoying a WELL DESERVED meal! This was my table. They were so cute. I told them all they couldn't get up till they finished their cranberry sauce! LOL Hannah actually loved it so much she was putting containers in her pockets to take home!
Then when they had eaten, I decided to sit and snag a plate. It was so sweet how they were jumping at serving me! It was fun! I hope everyone who came to the outreach enjoyed it as much as I did participating in it. Thank you Harvest! And Thank you God for the AWESOME weather! It was a beautiful day!


  1. Sounds like you had a fun time, while helping others. Nice way to spend a day!