Monday, October 31, 2011

New setting changes

Hey all my super awesome friends who visit my blog! :) My mom brought it to my attention that my settings were locked down and she couldn't post a comment. I found the setting to let any one post. :)

So now you guys have no excuse but to talk to me here since I am MIA on facebook.

So comment away!


  1. Wow I haven't had any problems commenting, so I'll just say hello and HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Your kids looks so cute in their costumes And they are sure getting big, but they are still really cute.
    I've been following a long time now sometime in Dec 07 almost 4 yrs when Tristan was a baby. Glad to see him looking so well and having fun.

  2. I do miss you on Facebook!!!! I hope you can come back =) Glad you can at least keep up with you on here =) Love ya, Carrie

  3. Giving this another try.

  4. ok... but if you post anonymously - you gotta tell me who you are :)

  5. lol Just reading your last 2 comments. :)